Anyone can have a patch !

November 14 is World Diabetes Day and I want to do my part! All year round.A few years ago, a little girl asked her mom if princesses had diabetes too. Her mom said yes and then asked on the networks if she could be given drawings of princesses with a patch or insulin pump. After seeing this message, I decided to take my princess drawings and add these devices. The little girl was able to color her favorite princesses with the same patch she has to wear daily.

It is normal for a child to want to identify with their heroes.

If you know a child with diabetes or someone who does, please share this little digital coloring book with them!This book is to raise funds to help children with diabetes on a daily basis. I'm counting on you! :)

The profits go to a charity every November 14th (World Diabetes Day).
Thank you for your support!

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